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Black 20 Watt Head$7390
Black tolex 20 Watt 1x12 Combo loaded with Eminence TonkerLite 1x12$7690
50 Watt Option +$300
90 Watt Option +$650
Exotic wood cabinet upgradeInquire

Here it is. Our answer to the channel switching amp players dream. This baby can take you from those open and crystal clean tones that we all love in those "BF" amps and then go straight to hell and back with completely over-the-top gain while still preserving the tonal complexity of that guitar of yours.

A versitile amp indeed if you get what we mean.

Combine that with our signature buffered effects loop or an all tube reverb (both powered by a single 12AX7), and, well, there you have it. Oh, did we mention that there are several power stage options, so its got more than enough power to keep that mad drummer at bay too. And its available in our most portable form factor to boot!

The McD. With the tone you've been looking for.

Shown to your left, configured as a 50 watt head.

The McD has the following features: All our amps feature eyelet board construction on Military grade glass epoxy boards (Garolite G10/FR-4). We also use the highest quality teflon coated wire, metal film resistors, and custom speced caps. As for our cabinetry, it's all handmade; dovetail jointed and out of Poplar or Pine.

More exotic woods are available on request.
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