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Basic 20 Watt chassis$6590
50 Watt Option+$300
Combo Cabinet loaded with 1x12 Indigo BritBlue add $300
Exotic wood cabinet upgradeInquire

When one of our loyal clients came by, all fed up with the sound of his Blues Junior, but having a really nice cabinet he didn't want to go to waste, we didn't have to think too hard to come up with this one.

Based on our regular BlueYou, it's got most of the same features as our standard model, but this one fits in your old Blues Junior sized cabinet, or one of our new ones. Again, no monkey business here. Tonally, this amp starts you out with a clean sound that's just got to be heard to be believed. Something that also takes you to that creamy, tweedy sound you dig but doesn't force you to have an insurance policy that covers spilling beer in a 50's amp... Something that'd be great for a night bathed in blue, but works just as nicely doing a jazz set.

We've taken our signature first channel clean preamp, and added a master volume just in case you need it. Nothing but your tone goes in here and comes out of that speaker. And with several power stage options (either a pair of 6V6's or 6L6's), its got more than enough power to keep that mad drummer at bay too. But what's really cool here is that the weight maxes out at about 22 pounds in our 40 Watt standard configuration!

The BlueYou. With a name that you'll remember and a tone that you'll never forget, it's sure to bring a simile to your face!

Shown to the left, configured as a 40 watt, Jensen loaded, 1x12 Combo, is (JK's) very own, the one that made it all happen!.

The BlueYou has several great features : All our amps feature eyelet board construction on Military grade glass epoxy boards (Garolite G10/FR-4). We also use the highest quality teflon coated wire, metal and carbon film resistors, custom speced caps. As for cabinetry, we make them from Poplar and Pine. More exotic woods available on request.
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