Just wanted to tell you that I've been playing guitar for 50 years off and on and played through a lot of Amps but my El Mariachi is The Best Amp I have ever played!!!!!

I've played the McD and now have the El Mariachi and it is Outstanding!! All the Tones are Great!! It's the kind of amp that you don't want to stop playing and seems to make you play better!! I play Bluesy/Rocky/Smoothie/Modern Country type music and it covers them all Right On!!!

Doug Huffman - El Mariachi owner

"[The El Mariachi is the] best amp I ever stuck a mic in front of - No EQ, Nothing!!"
Steve Guest - Live sound reinforcement engineer for
David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Pink Floyd,
David Sanborn, The Cure,Bette Midler,
Neil Young and countless others.

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